Meet Your Mentors

Hi Crew, Cameron and Jordan here. We're passionate about creating a holistic environment for young sporting athletes. As your coaches and mentors our goal is to align you with you values, purpose and help you achieve your goals both as athlete and as a person. Making long lasting change, for a happier and more successful life.

We first developed our passion for holistic development in 2021 when all we had was time. We took this time to reflect on our own lives and saw what we had built and created the positive habits we had developed. We began to notice the importance of balance in health areas outside of our sporting environment and how developing these skills showed great signs of success on the field. It was at this point we wanted to share our findings with as many people as possible through our online program "The Summit Series".

We have gathered expert facilitators who are leaders in their fields, providing you with weekly information on: Physical Development, Nutritional Development, Mental & Emotional Development, Leadership Development, Sport Development and our newest topic; Sleep & Recovery.

It is now time our methods branch beyond the sporting field, we want to enhance your life so you can thrive and go beyond what you thought was possible.

If you're willing to work hard, get outside your comfort zone and change you life one video at a time, you've come to the right place. We are your coaches for Cricket and holistic Development element of this online course.

Cameron Weir & Jordan Browne

  • Recordings of live activities

  • Weekly workout, warm up or HIIT session tailored to young athletes

  • Weekly Meditation Guide